Learn Salsa Basics while exploring the local dance scene of Colombia’s most vibrant cities.
Discover great bars for social dancing, live music and live salsa performances with an incredible, experienced dance partner.

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For those of you who want to learn salsa basics, we thought it would be great to mix a dance class with real practice!

Salsa Night Out:
 If you’re new to salsa, it can be really challenging to navigate the complex social interactions that revolve around dancing. So, we came up the idea to take you on a night out! You will learn salsa basics from our dance professionals, explore Colombia’s nightlife and get some hands-on (feet-on?) practice.

How it works.
 One of our instructors will go to your place at around 7 pm for a warm-up class.  He/She will assess your skills and teach you some basic steps. He/She will also explain a bit about what a night out dancing in Colombia looks like. Then, you’ll head out to some of the best dance spots in the city. Alternatively, you can meet right at the club.

Our Instructors 
are highly qualified dance professionals with a great understanding of their city’s dance scene. They know all the best spots for social dancing and live Latin music. Also, they are capable of providing fully curated instruction to suit your needs and help you learn salsa basics. We have some English Speaking instructors.


If you want to learn Salsa Basics, enjoy the local dance scene and have limited time just send us a message and well set it up for you!


Bogota Colombia at night


They can cover all levels, from beginners to pros.


You can hire a Salsa Night Out in Medellin, Cali, Cartagena and Bogota.

Salsa Clubs

e have selected some of the best Dance Clubs all around Colombia


The biggest and best community of independent dance instructors.



You'll learn salsa basics and level up your dancing skills! You’ll have an experienced dance partner to teach you all the moves, show you around the city and give you great cultural advice! Can it get any better?

Fun Teacher: You’ll get to have a night out with a professional and charismatic dance instructor. We have carefully selected fun and patient who will help you improve with your best interests at heart.

RealLife Practice: We all know dancing at an actual club is a whole other story compared to dancing in the studio. You’ll get the chance to practice your skills in a real-life environment!

Spontaneous: We definitely think that this night out is perfect for those doing short visits. This will be an unforgettable night dancing at the best spots in Colombia.

Cultural: A night out with a Taxi Dancer will give you a great taste of the dance culture in Colombia. Our instructors will teach you, not only dance, but also how to navigate social situations in our lovely country.

Safe: Colombia is only getting safer, but still going out at night always entails some risks. Having a local by your side showing you around the city and explaining the do’s and don’ts always comes in handy. As we say here “don’t give papaya”.


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Have you just arrived? No worries! We know it might be a bit tricky to find good places to dance when you’ve just landed somewhere. Salsa Classes Colombia offers you Salsa Night Out as the perfect service to help guide you through our fantastic cities and their nightlife. You’ll have a local dance professional ready to show you around, give you great tips and to top it all up teach you some moves.

This will be a fully curated experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Dancing in Colombia is so much more than just showing off your moves. This is the perfect opportunity for you to understand all the social aspects of dancing in our beautiful country. Just hit the “get started” button, you’ve already scrolled down here anyways.

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Q: How do I pay?

A:  There is an online deposit you can pay via credit card, Paypal, or Bank Transfer. The rest you will pay cash to the instructor once the night is over. Watch This video for reference.

Q: What’s the club location?

A:  Well, that depends a lot on the day of the week. Some clubs are better on certain days. The club/bar will be decided between you and your instructor.

Q: Will I find the love of my life?

A:  Nope. We know it’s sad, but remember, your instructors are working! You’re paying for their time, guidance and dance expertise. This is not a date.

Q: What about cover and drinks?

A:  Entrance to nightclubs and drinks are not included in the pricing. It is your responsibility to pay for your cover and the cover for the instructor. However, each one buys their own drinks.

Q: Who pays for the taxi?

A: Each person is responsible for transportation to the agreed place and back home. However, if you decide to go to different clubs during the night the taxis will be on you. 

Q: How does scheduling work?

A: The scheduling is done directly with your instructor. However, if you really want a particular date & time, you can message our admin team via Facebook.

Q: How about cancellations?

A: If you wish to cancel your Salsa Night Out, please do so with a minimum of 4 business hours in advance (8 am to 8 pm) or you’ll lose it.

Q: Can i get a refund?

A: There are no refunds unless in extraordinary circumstances. Keep in mind that if you forget to cancel that doesn’t qualify as an extraordinary circumstance.


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