Whether you live in Colombia or abroad, we combine private instruction with a structured video-based program for optimal results

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Our memberships are based on credits: you pay a monthly price for a certain amount of credits, and you can use these credits in different ways. For our instructors it’s a way to get a more steady income, and for the students it’s a way to save on their favorite activities.

Academy: Members get access to our online courses in Google Classroom. Courses are based on a dance and style combination (Cali-Style salsa, Sensual Bachata) etc. and divided by level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert). Each lesson is a short video (30s-1min duration) explaining and demonstrating a specific dance move in written English. See an example here!

Weekly classes: Every week, you have one or several private classes with an instructor to review your progress, answer your questions, and perfect your technique. The instructor also strings together a couple of the moves you learnt to build a short choreography that you can practice by yourself if you wish to improve faster. The private classes can be done online or onsite, depending on your location.

Salsa holidays: Every month, we organize a salsa holiday which can take the form of an intensive salsa bootcamp or a group retreat. Spots are often limited but members always get to register first, and can use their credits for extra lessons. For a lot of remote students, it’s an awesome opportunity to come to Colombia, meet their instructors in real-life and put their new skills to practice. It’s also a great way to make a lot of progress in a short time.

Our memberships are better than your typical online course. While you do get some high quality videos, they’re only there as a support so you can practice by yourself. Having an actual pro instructor to guide you and improve your technique during one-on-one makes a huge difference. Our memberships are also better than classes in a typical dance studio. The training is much more customized, and builds up toward the dance bootcamps in Colombia, where we really see our students’ ability to dance take off dramatically.


They can cover all levels from beginner to professional.


We have locations in all of Colombia's main cities.


We don't take any breaks


The first and only community of independent dance instructors.



Getting one of our memberships is great for so many reasons.

Better prices: Our memberships are the perfect way to learn salsa through ongoing, fully curated latin dance training. Per class, members get up to half the price when compared to Salsa Packs. Our memberships provide value, ease and convenience.

Virtual use: If you live in Colombia, your training doesn’t have to stop when you travel. If you live abroad, you can learn remotely and then put your skills to practice in Colombia. Either way, memberships seamlessly give you the best of the online and physical world.

Transferable: If you want to get your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother or grand-mother dancing as well, you can! You simply use your credits as you normally would for yourself. In fact, you can also use credits for “couple” or “group” lessons.

Multiple cities: You can learn salsa and use your membership hours in all of our cities of operation: Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and Bogota. This is just perfect if you’re planning on traveling around Colombia.

Multiple instructors: Getting a membership allows you to change instructors every now and then. We recommend changing your instructor once in a while since they all specialize in different things like turns, footwork styling, and body expression.


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Q: How are payments processed?

A: The payment is processed on a monthly basis, and you can cancel at any time. We accept Paypal, Credit card, and Bank transfers. Your information is saved securely and you get billed automatically at the end of each month.

Q: Which currency do you use?

A: We’ve labelled prices in US Dollars above to provide a rough idea of the cost but always convert the price from Colombian Pesos using the latest exchange rate, so it might come lower or higher at the time of purchase.

Q: Can I change my instructor?

A: We pick the most suitable instructor based on your preferences, but the first class is meant to make sure that your instructor matches your expectations. You can change instructors after the first class, and once a month after that!

Q: Where will classes take place?

A: For onsite classes, you have the option to do classes at your preferred location (home, hostel, or any other suitable place, including outside) or in one of our partner studios. It is usually cheaper to do the class at your own location.

Q: How does the scheduling work?

A: This is done directly with your instructor via Whatsapp. You are allowed to postpone scheduled classes, but with a minimum of 4 “business hours” in advance (8 am to 8 pm) or it will be discounted from your membership.

Q: How can I use my credits?

A: You can use your credits virtually or in any of our cities of operation (Medellin, Cali, Bogota, and Cartagena). Note that the value of a private class in credits varies from one city to another. Just ask our team if you have any questions!

Q: What if I don’t use all of my credits?

A: If you don’t use them during a particular month, you can use them later. You can also transfer them to a friend or family member. Credits only expire after a full year of inactivity. Please note that we do not refund any unused credits.

Q: What about refunds?

A: You have the option to cancel after the first class if you let our team know within 24h. In this case, we will refund you the whole online payment minus the value of the class within the next 24h. We process refunds via Paypal.

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Virtual Lite Membership:
This membership gives you 16 credits per month. Each virtual lesson costs 4 credits, so you can do 1 lesson per week. The online academy is included.

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Virtual Standard Membership:

This membership gives you 32 credits per month. Each virtual lesson costs 4 credits, so you can do 2 lessons per week. The online academy is included.

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Onsite Lite Membership:
This membership gives you 20 credits per month. Each lesson costs 5 credits, so you can do 1 lesson per week. The online academy is included.  

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Onsite Standard Membership:
This membership gives you 40 credits per month. Each lesson costs 5 credits, so you can do 2 lessons per week. The online academy is included.

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