Like a gym membership, only for dance training! Our Memberships include perks like guest hours, better prices, scheduling preference, 24/7 support, multi-city use, and access to our student community.

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At Salsa Classes Colombia, we are proud to offer you the best dance training you can find in the easiest way possible.

Our Mission: We noticed that many of our students are residents or long-term visitors in Colombia with a real motivation to commit to learning Salsa and of course form an important core part of our community! So we decided to come up with a new Membership offering for people who want to make dance part of their routine without the hassle of thinking about repurchasing.

How it works: A membership allows you to commit to ongoing dance training at your own pace. You set up your goals, we provide you with highly qualified dance professionals. With a membership, there’s no need to renew packs or pay teachers and the like. Just pay once every 3 months and enjoy! You can choose if you want to have your classes either at one of our studios or at home and if you need to change the location you can do so with ease.

Perks: Our memberships are also great for those of you looking to step up the game. Getting a membership gives you the opportunity to learn with different instructors, learn several dance styles and accommodate your class location at convenience. Also, you can use your membership in all of our 4 cities of operation! Isn’t that just great?


In this short video, our Wonderful Lucía will explain everything you need to know about memberships. To schedule a Class with her simply send us a text via Facebook Messenger.

Horizonte en Colombia


They can cover all levers from beginner to professional.


We have ocations in all of Colombia's main cities.


We don't take any breaks


The first and only community of independent dance instructors.


Getting one of our memberships is great for so many reasons.

Better Prices: Our memberships are the perfect way to commit to an ongoing, fully curated Latin dance training. That’s why membership holders get discounted prices compared to Standard pack prices. Our memberships are cheaper, easy and convenient.

Multiple Instructors: Getting a membership allows you to change instructors every now and then. We highly recommend changing your instructor once in a while since they all specialize in different things. One teacher can help you improve your turns, another one is a master of footwork and the next one will help you perfect your styling and body expression. This will make your own style fancier, richer, better!  

Multiple Dance Styles: Even if our main focus is Salsa, we offer many other dance styles: Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Porro, and so on. There’s also many different Styles of Salsa to choose from. A membership will also allow you to learn multiple dance styles if you wish to do so. You can mix different styles of Salsa or Salsa & Bachata, Bachata & Kizomba. It is entirely up to you. You can decide how you want to spend your purchased hours!

Customizable: To top it all up, all of our memberships are customizable! You can also personalize it by choosing if you want a female or male instructor, your teacher’s expertise, if you want classes at home or a studio, dance style (salsa On1, On2, Cali Style, Bachata, Kizomba, etc.) and focus of the classes (Styling, spins, new steps, etc.). keep in mind that all this will be considered in the billing process.

Multi-City Use: A membership give you Multi-city use! You can use your membership hours in all cities of operation: Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, and Bogota. This is just perfect if you’re planning on traveling around Colombia and it is simply the best way to learn a comprehensive dance style. Each city has its own vibe and its own take on Salsa Dance. Cali is crazy with footwork, Medellin is more layback, Cartagena is simply magical and well Bogota’s nightlife… You simply cannot miss it!

Student Community: Additionally, All of our memberships will give you access to our Student Community. This is a space we created to make it easier for our students to make friends, go out, plan events together or find a partner (or crew) in crime for some social dancing. Some of our students plan to travel to another city for one of our famous Bootcamps. There’s always something going on and the Student Community is the best way to find out what’s new!

24/7 Support: Last but not least, our memberships will also give you access to our 24/7 support team, who will be there to answer all your questions and take care of the technical part of your learning process. Whether you want to change up your dance plan, add a teacher, or need to just talk it out, we’ve got you covered. Of course, we will make sure to match our members with only the most experienced and highly qualified instructors available.



Medellin’s pleasant climate gives the city its nickname – the City of Eternal Spring – with fresh flowers sprinkled throughout the cityscape. Don’t be fooled by its pleasantness – the salsa scene is hot here, being home to several of Colombia’s most accomplished dancers and storied salsa clubs. And with the latest peace deal, Medellin has never been safer.



Colombia’s third largest city, Santiago de Cali, aka Cali, is famous for its tropical party vibe, beautiful smiling people, and sizzling nightlife. Here, salsa is in the water. Take a cab, sip your coffee, or just walk past any open window and you’ll hear flavorful salsa music blaring out. Welcome to the salsa capital of the world!



Cartagena de Indias, aka Cartagena, is the darling of the Caribbean coast, a romantic UNESCO historic city who’s old town is surrounded by colonial stone walls, and lined with a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, vibrantly painted residences, and leafy plazas. Closeby are several beaches and islands to cool off in after dancing. What more could you ask for?



Also known as the Athens of Latin America is a great spin off to all other Colombian Cities. Bogota is huge! with over 8 million people living there, it is the kind of place where you can find everything you’d like. The nightlife is vibrant, there are plenty of concerts, mind-blowing museums, and breathtaking street art. That without mentioning the beautiful surrounding Andean mountains, perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.


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If you are a permanent resident in Colombia (staying for 3 months or more), we definitely think that buying one of our memberships will give you the tools you need to take your dancing skills to the next level. We have carefully thought out 4 types of memberships. We will place you in one of these 4 categories according to your chosen amount of hours. Take a look!

Lite Membership:
This is our starter membership. It will give you all the perks of a membership without committing to a 7 day a week training regime. This type of membership is for people who plan to do between 2h and 5h worth of private classes per month. You can switch your instructor in case you want to learn different styles or simply try it out with another person. A Lite Membership allows you to switch your instructor up to 3 times in a period of 3 months. Although, this is entirely up to you. If you absolutely love your first instructor, there’s no need to change him/her.

Standard Membership:
Our standard membership is perfect for those of you who would like to level up things a little bit, but are not planning to commit to a heavy training regime. A standard membership will allow you to get between 5 to 10 hours of private classes per month. You’ll get the option to change your instructor up to 5 times in a period of 3 months. Again, this is entirely up to you. You can change your instructor only once or twice and if you absolutely love the first one, there’s no need to change them at all.


Fast Track Membership:
Ok, now we’re starting to get serious with this one. We have designed our fast-track membership for those of you who love to take your salsa dancing skills to the next level. This membership will get you between 10 to 20 hours of private salsa classes per month!  With this type of membership, we will allow you to change your instructor every week, again, if you wish to do so. We recommend you to change instructors every now and then because each teacher has his/ her own specialty and learning with different people will make your style richer and more comprehensive. You can change your instructor a maximum of 7 times in a period of 3 months.  

Intensive Membership:
Alright, Now this type of membership has been designed or those who definitely want to commit to a more serious training regime. An intensive Membership will allow you to get over 20 hours worth of private classes per month. You’ll get to change your instructor every week. This time, we will allow you to change your instructor a maximum of 9 times in a period of 3 months. Additionally, you can share this membership with a friend! If for some reason you don’t get to use all the hours included in your membership you can pass them on to a friend so they can enjoy all that salsa goodness!


Just send us a text via Facebook Messenger and we’ll get it sorted!

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What our students say

Invoicing and Payment
The first month for all All of our memberships must be paid upfront. By doing this you commit for a minimum of 3 months.  We take Paypal, Credit Card, and Bank Transfers. Your Credit card information will be securely saved and you’ll get auto billed an the end of each month until the three months are complete. If after that time period you wish to renew your membership you can totally do so.

First class
The first class is meant to make sure that your instructor matches your expectations. We pick the most suitable instructor based on your preferences. As a Member, you can change instructors after the first class or at any point in your Membership.

Alternatively, if after the first class (and before any subsequent classes) you choose to not continue with us, we will refund you the payment of your first month minus the value of the first class. You will not be obligated to pay for any subsequent months. It is important that you inform the instructor of your decision right after the first class. Please note that it will not be possible to get a new instructor or a refund if you. 

We give you the option to do classes at your preferred location (home, hostel, or any other suitable place) or in one of our partner studios. It is usually cheaper to do the class at your own location. If you wish to switch locations at any given time, please notify us and we will give you the revised payment terms.

The scheduling is done directly with your instructor. However, if you really want a class at a particular date & time, you can message the administrator and he will try to find a replacement.

If you choose not to continue after the first class, you must let the administrator know within 24h. In this case, we will refund you the whole online payment minus the value of the first class within the next 24 hours. Please note that we only offer refunds via Paypal.

Downgrades are generally not allowed. Changes to the membership are only allowed after the first class and before subsequent classes. That includes the level of the teacher, the number of hours, and where you would like classes (home or studio), and what type of membership you want. In case you want to upgrade your membership, we will work it out together with our admin team. 

As a Member, you may use hours in all cities of operation. That includes Medellin, Cali, Bogota, and Cartagena. It is important that you commit to a certain number of hours in each city for planning and pricing purposes. Unused hours in more expensive cities will be given as credit for future classes, and no refunds will be given.

Postponing classes
If you wish to postpone a class, please do so with a minimum of 4 “business hours” in advance (8 am to 8 pm) or your class will be lost.

Unused hours
It is your responsibility to use up to the maximum number of hours in your membership. Unused hours cannot be transferred to the next month.

Cancellation of membership
Cancellation of membership before completion is allowed but comes with a 50 mil surcharge.

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