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Who is Jessica?

Jessica has won the World Championship of Salsa On-1. She is well versed in Salsa, Kizomba, Porro, Merengue, Tango and Bachata. Jessica Has been dancing for over 19 years and has been teaching for about 10 years. All that experience makes her a knowledgeable teacher, she knows how to become a well-rounded, confident dancer. Whether your goal is socials or professional competitions, her teaching methodology, which combines musicality and technique will help you step up your dance skills.



  • Runner-up, Department of Porro 2006,
  • Runner-up, Department of Porro 2007,
  • National Champion of Porro Copa Potosí 2007,
  • Runner-up World Salsa Federation 2008
  • Porro National Champion Copa Potosí 2008,
  • National Champion of Porro Copa Potosí 2009,
  • National Salsa Champion El Zapato Dorado 2009
  • Salsa Open 2009 National Champion
  • 2009 Porro Departmental Champion,
  • 2010 Porro Departmental Champion,
  • World Champion of the World Salsa Federation 2010
  • Champion Salsa Metropolitan, Division On-1 2010
  • National Champion of Porro Copa Potosí 2010
  • Finalist of the 2010 Tango World Championship, 2011, 2012, 2014
  • 2012 Porro Departmental Champion
  • Finalists in the world-wide Cali-Colombia festival cabaret category
  • Runner-up in the Cali-Colombia salsa festival category on 1, 2014
  • Champion at the world salsa festival in Cali – Colombia category on 1, 2016
  • Champion world salsa open Cali- Colombia, 2017
  • Sixth place in world salsa open puerto rico, 2017
  • Champion at the World Salsa Championships in Cali- Colombia Elite Salsa category, 2017



Televisión: Q´VIVA 2012
Jennifer López Y Marc Anthony
Los Ángeles, C.A. 2011

Caracol Televisión Colombia.2013.



In the video below, Jessica shares with us her love for teaching. She also shows off some of her top-class dance moves with Sergio. To schedule classes with either of them simply send us a text via  Facebook Messenger