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Who is Andres?

Andres is a professional Bachata Dancer with over 10 years of experience. He is a pro in Bachata but also dances Salsa, Porro, Samba, and Merengue. Tango and Bolero are also on his curriculum and to top it all up he’s got training in urban dances like Hip-Hop and Reggaeton. Dance is his main source of freedom. Together with Danny Tribal, he competes with Union Latina Dance company as part of their elite cast.

-Tangovia 2014, Manizales
-Tango, Group, 1st Prize


On this video, Andres talks about his passion for dance teaching and how it brings happiness to people. He also shows us some of his incredible moves! To book classes with him or any of our other instructors just send us a text via Facebook Messenger