Our Salsa Retreats are the perfect way to unplug from the world and dive into one of Colombia’s biggest festivals through dance! We offer a fully curated service with private instruction, accommodation and a schedule of activities to show you a great time.

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We are a community of professional dancers who love to share the best of our culture with people from all over the world. Colombia has a huge array of festivals in which dance always plays a major part. So, we thought we would take you to them, show you our culture and teach you some salsa dance in the process.

Our Retreats revolve around some of Colombia’s biggest festivals. The idea is to show you how we celebrate our culture, identity and all the diversity that makes our country so interesting and unique. We have retreats in Medellin, Cartagena, Bogotá, and Cali, come join us!

How it works Our retreats are an immersive cultural experience that usually lasts for 1-2 weeks. We will provide you with dance instruction and accommodation. You will have a small group of people to hang out with, go on some tours and visit the most important events in the festival. 

Latin Dance in Colombia is at the very backbone of every celebration. People dance at every corner and our festivals are some of the most colorful and cheerful events. this is the perfect chance to practice your dance skills, have an amazing time and give yourself a much-deserved break.


Take a look at how much fun we had last year in our Cali Fair retreat. Our students Jessica and Nida definitely had a blast!

Professional Chachacha instructor Heidy Mosquera

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Our retreats are definitely the perfect way to unplug from the world and get to enjoy a different culture. We curate a group of people who want to learn salsa in Colombia, are interested in visiting the country and seeing one of our big festivals in the process. We focus on a more social and cultural experience rather intensive salsa dancing, but if you want to go that route, you should definitely check out our Salsa Bootcamps! 

Our retreats are still personalized. You’ll have 1-on-1 classes with professional instructors, who will adapt the lesson to your level and goals. You can also choose how many hours of classes you’d like to do, we have low, medium and high-intensity retreats. We’ll give you several accommodation options for you to choose, help you book tours, take you out social dancing, and take you to shows and events relevant to the specific festival you choose to visit.


Our retreats take place all year-round!


We operate in Medellin, Cali, Bogotá, and Cartagena.


Our instructors cover all levels from beginner to professional.


A community of dancers to show you an unforgettable time



Learn salsa in Colombia by going on one of our Salsa Retreats. They are the perfect way to give yourself a break from your everyday life and see a different culture through dance. 

Private instruction: Our retreats include fully personalized private dance instruction with great professional salsa dancers.  

Accommodation: We will provide you with a list of suitable accommodation options, and we will spare you the hassle of dealing with reservations.

Guidance: Our local guides will be there to provide you with support and answer all questions you might have about the city, the festival, and Colombia in general.

Social Dancing:  There’s a lot of social dancing involved in our retreats. We will point you in the right direction for the best salsa bars and clubs.

Community: You will be part of a small group of like-minded people with whom you can go out, explore the festival and make friends!


Just in case you want to make your retreat a bit more juicy, we've included a couple of options that can help you do just that. They all come at an extra cost.

City tour: All Colombian cities are filled with many iconic places to visit. A city tour is great if you want to visit the main tourist spots, take some pics and just get a general vibe of the city you’ll be in.

Airport pickup: You’ll probably be tired, with your luggage in a new country, new language… We’ll pick you up and help you get settled in your selected accommodation. We also do pick-ups from bus terminals.

Salsa Night Out: This is a great activity to do if you’re new in a Colombian city, one of our instructors will meet you up and take you out on a social dancing/bar hopping night!

Extended Retreat: All of our retreats have an initial fixed duration, but if you love it so much you can always buy a  dance pack with more class hours and stay for as long as you want to!

Salsa Show:  We also give our students the opportunity to work on a choreography to showcase either at the dance studio, a local salsa bar or even in the whole city, why not? Check our page to find out more!


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Q: Do you offer group classes?

A: Our retreats are generally focused on 1 on 1 instruction. However, if we have a big group between 10 to 15 people, we will give you the option to have group classes instead.

Q: Do I need to know salsa to go on a retreat?

A: Nope, not at all. All of our retreats are beginner friendly. We take everyone and adapt the experience based on the skill level. You’ll have private classes to improve and guided practice in the club.

Q: Which style of salsa will I learn?

A: It depends on the city you’ll be visiting. If you go on a retreat in Cali, for instance, we’ll probably try to focus the classes on Cali-Style, since it will be the most useful for social dancing.

Q: What about other dance styles?

A: You can also choose to learn multiple dance styles. We offer Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata and many more. Hey, some champeta classes in Cartagena would come in very handy.

Q: How will I contact my guide?

A: We’ll create a Whatsapp group with all the members of the Salsa Classes Colombia retreat team there, your guide included, so communication will be very easy and effective for you.

Q: Will be part of a group?

A: Yes, retreats are meant as group experiences. You’ll have your own space and privacy as well as a crew to hang out with and discover the city and festival 🙂 For an individualized experience, check our Bootcamps!



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