A Salsa Bootcamp is great to learn salsa fast with highly professional instructors, personalize them at will and dive into Colombian Dance Scene as no one else has done before!

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Our Intensive Dance Bootcamp will allow you to learn salsa fast through a personalized plan of dance classes with highly qualified instructors. You can come either by yourself or with a group of friends!

How does it works: This is a personalized dance program. We will give you a base to work with and from then on you can change it as you like. Our Salsa Bootcamp is designed to really level up and learn salsa dancing. The idea is that you’ll be having dance classes every day (Mon – Fri). So, get ready to sweat it all out!

As an example: We propose you 15h a week of private classes. You will have 3 hours of dance lessons every day which you can split as you like. You can either have one class in the morning and the other in the afternoon or simply have a 3h class with a short break. It all depends on how you’d like to spend your time.

Weekly hours: They can vary depending on your preferences. Say you want a bit more free time during your Salsa Bootcamp, that’s cool, we’ll work out how many hours work best for you together. Or, if you’re a complete Latin Dance enthusiast, you can go for 20, 30…We’ve had students even do 40 hours a week!


This is a sneak peek of the people you’ll learn salsa dancing within your Salsa Bootcamp. Take a look at our champions of Salsa On-1 Sergio and Jessica, so much flavor in these two!



Our instructors cover all levels, from beginner to champion, and plenty of dance styles


Our Bootcamps take place in Medellin, Cali, Bogota and Cartagena Colombia


Our community has won over 100 titles on local, national, and international levels


The only community run by independent dancers, for dancers



Our Salsa Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity for you to learn salsa dancing through intensive dance training in a top destination for Salsa Dance. Taking classes 5 days a week in our bootcamp will finally show you the results you’ve been looking for! and besides that, you’ll get to travel to a beautiful country.

Customizable: This bootcamp is flexible. it will allow you to make your own schedule to fit in as many activities as you’d like and make the most out of your time in Colombia.

Top-class instructors: We have carefully selected all of our instructors. They have a vibrant personality and years of teaching experience that will help you noticeably improve your dance skills. 

Multi city: You can travel around with this Bootcamp! We are located in Medellin, Cali, Bogota and Cartagena and we are more than willing to help you create the perfect itinerary around your classes.

Multi dance style: Our Latin Dance Classes are not limited to salsa only. You can choose to mix different styles like Bachata and Kizomba. There are also many types of Salsa to choose from. 

24/7 support: Our admin team will be there for you at all times. We’ll answer all your questions, help you with any problems you might have and make sure you’re having the best experience possible.

Student Community: Our Custom Bootcamp will give you access to our student community. This will help you find a crew or dance partner in minutes, find the best events in town and much more.


These extra perks will help you create the perfect Latin Dance experience! They will also make the price a bit chubbier, but hey, we promise it’s worth it.

Multi-city: As we said earlier, we are located in all of Colombia’s major cities. So, if you want to travel around the country and still learn salsa fast, you can do so with ease. Have a week in Medellin, another one in Bogota, go for one more in Cali, the world’s Salsa capital, and end by treating yourself with a couple of weeks in Lovely Cartagena, our colorful caribbean paradise.

City tours: Each Colombian city is a world of its own. There are so many things to do, places to visit and people to meet! We can help you get started with all that. We have designed some tours specific to each city and its surrounding areas. Just let us know what you want and we will provide you with the best guides available.

Salsa night out: We know you’ve just arrived in a new country and getting your head around Colombia’s nightlife might be a bit tricky. So, one of our amazing instructors can take you on a night out, show you some great dance spots and help you navigate the city, give you tips to understand the local culture and so on. This is a great activity to do on your first or second weekend.


Pick up: Regularly, International airports in Colombia are located in the outskirts of our cities and it will take about 40 min to get to the city center. We know, you’re probably landing here tired, with a huge backpack or a pair of suitcases. Fear not!  We can always send our guide to pick you up and help you settle in your preferred accommodation.

Spanish classes: Yup, you read that right. So many of our students want to top up their Latin dance classes with some Spanish. We think that makes the perfect combo! Colombians don’t really speak much English or any other language for that matter. So, knowing some Spanish is crucial if you want to make some local friends. Take a look at our Spanish program.

Accommodation: This is a question we get asked really often, do you provide for my accommodation? Sadly no, we don’t provide for accommodation for Salsa Bootcamps. However, we do provide a service to help you find a suitable place, avoid the gringo traps and get you a convenient location close to your dance studio, cafés, bars, parks. An overall nice area for you to stay. Unlike the rest, this service comes at no extra cost.

Choreography: Have you ever dreamed of being on stage? We can tell you, it is one of the most exciting and invigorating experiences ever! If you want to throw yourself out there and try out what a stage performance feels like for the artist, you can devote 10h to 15h of your dance plan to working side by side with a professional choreographer. This service includes the Choreography, music edition and a video of your performance. 


Let’s pack those bags and get you dancing!

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Q: Can I have group classes?

A: Yes! You can either come by yourself or with a group of friends. If you come with a group we can certainly organize group classes. If you’re coming solo, though, that won’t be possible.

Q: Should I know salsa before my Bootcamp?

A: Nope, it’s not necessary. We take students of all skill levels and the purpose of an intensive Bootcamp is to level up your skills anyways! Our teachers will adapt the lessons to your needs.

Q: Which salsa style will I learn?

A: You choose that! There’s plenty of salsa styles to choose from, On1, On2, Cuban, Cali -style. We definitely recommend adding in some Cali-style, since it’s our local style and will be very useful in social dancing. You can also mix in several styles!

Q: What about other dance styles?

A: You can absolutely mix and match several dance styles in your Bootcamp. Go for Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba and if you’re in Cartagena, definitely throw in come Champeta also, you won’t regret it!

Q: How can I contact you during my stay?

A: We’ll communicate constantly via WhatsApp, all of our admin team will be there so you can ask any question you have! Communication will always be fast and very convenient.

Q: Will be part of a group?

A: Only if you’re coming with a group of friends. However, our team is very attentive and we will give you advice on where to go out and activities to do. And whenever we go out salsa dancing you’re more than welcome to join us and meet new people along the way!



We typically have a bootcamp per city per month, from 1 to 4 weeks duration. Take a look at some of our options below!


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