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Bogota Salsa Guide; Where to Dance Cuban Salsa in Bogota?



We know, salsa dance might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Bogota, but don’t let the city fool you, people here love dancing! In fact, if there’s anything Bogota is famous for is its vibrant and varied nightlife. Of course, salsa dance has a big role in Bogotá’s dance scene, with Colombian Salsa being the star of the show. However, in a city like this, where dancing is a cultural paramount, other salsa styles are also very popular.

Dance Cuban Salsa in BogotaThis is the first of a series of articles that will provide in-depth detail about Bogotá’s dance culture. We’ll take a good look at the city’s dance scene, the different salsa styles you can dance and where, events and competitions to check out and so on. In a nutshell, we’ll tell you all you need to know to explore Bogota’s nightlife and have the best time you could wish for. So, if you’re in town and Cuban salsa is something you’re interested in, keep reading.

Cuban Salsa or Salsa Casino is one of salseros all-time favorites. It is all about vigorous hip and shoulder movements with playful and provocative afro-Cuban styling. Cuban Salsa is mainly known for the many intricate turns dancers weave around each other. One of the best things about it is that has a very accessible timing, so it’s easy to follow the rhythm. Here we have put together a top 3 of the best places to dance Cuban salsa in Bogota, enjoy.


1. LA SANDUNGUERALa sandunguera bar in bogota

This bar is considered one of the top places for the salsa rumba and it is one of the mandatory bars to check out for Cuban salsa in Bogota. It has been operating for 22 years and its main focus is Vieja Guardia Cuban rhythms, a.k.a. Classic Cuban Salsa. They have live salsa orchestras performing regularly which gives the place a more authentic feeling. The style of La Sandunguera has positioned it as “The Temple of Salsa”. Actually, this one bar is so good that it made it to our general top 3 Salsa Bars in Bogota. Just saying.

Address: Carrera 13 # 44- 29, Bogota, Colombia

Opens: Fridays and Saturdays

Price: $$



Salsa Casino in BogotáSo, this one has a very interesting story. As surprising as it might be, this bar wasn’t originally about Cuban Salsa. Back in the day, the partners of Club Gavanna (owners of Cachao) were accused of racism, so they decided to redeem themselves by opening a nightclub that praises the best of afro-descendants music and where all people are welcome regardless of their skin color.

This place looks extracted from a street of colonial Habana. When you enter Cachao, you’ll feel you’ve time-traveled to the colonial era of Cuba. The place is full of immortalized memories of iconic Salsa Legends such as Celia Cruz and other important figures like Che Guevara. They also have an art gallery praising nudity and the human body.  

One of the most attractive things in this place is their well-known home band, “La Casa”, as they prefer to call it. They encourage everyone to stand up and dance during their performances making it honestly impossible to be sitting down, and well since dancing is what you came for, why not let your body follow the congas? Cachao’s fascinating story, their approach to inclusivity, great music, gallery, live performances, and overall feel, make it a must for Cuban salsa in Bogota.

Address: Carrera 13 # 85 – 52 (North of Bogota).

Opens: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays.

Price: $$$


3. HABANA 93

night out in bogota -habana 93

Last but not least is Habana 93. This is a spacious, very elegant place, inspired in the Caribbean coasts, dance and flavors of Cuba. This isn’t precisely suited for the most hardcore salsa parties since it is all about a quieter, more family-friendly kind of vibe. It is a restaurant during the day, salsa club at night. So, besides all the salsa dancing, you can also go to this place for an authentic and delicious gastronomical experience.

Habana 93, also has a great schedule of live performances for you to enjoy alongside their delicious food. This place is great to go with your family, a date or simply to enjoy a nice night out with your friends. So, If you want a quiet night, just to enjoy some salsa music, dance, have a good chat with your friends and you don’t want to wait until the weekend, this place full of “sabrosura”, is just right for you.

Address: Calle 93A # 11A – 47 (North of Bogota)

Opens: Every day from 12:30M to 3:00 AM.

Price: $$$


So, these are our recommendations for Cuban Salsa in Bogota. Definitely, Bogota is a city that brings a lot of variety to the table, from the most party-oriented bars, going through places with fascinating stories and a spot for those quieter nights we all need every now and then. We love having such great places in our city that have been inspired by a different and yet so close culture.

Check these places out and tell us about it in the comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts about them. Also, if you’re traveling on your own and would like to have someone to show you a great night out in the best salsa places in Bogota, our instructors would be more than happy to do so! Contact us on Facebook for more info.


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