Get to see over 7000 artists and the countless events in Cali Feria while experiencing the local dance scene through a fully curated dance immersion. 

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We have thought out this retreat as a way to guide you around one of the most astonishing Salsa fairs of all times. So, if you want to take a look at what Salsa Dance in Cali looks like, this retreat is just for you.


The Cali Feria is a massive event that has been a cornerstone of Cali’s celebrations for over half a century. This event takes place from the 25th to the 30th of December each year. The main idea with the Cali Feria is to celebrate the city, salsa dance the local culture around it. 

What to do? There is a huge array of events to choose from and salsa has a privileged spot in all this. The 6 main attractions are The Salsódromo, Sports Fair, the Vintage Cars Parade, the Carnival of Old Cali, the Encounter of Music- lovers and Collectionists and the Street Fair.


Salsa in Cali is as big as it can get. There’s a reason why it is the Salsa Capital of the World! Salsa Dance and music will be present throughout the whole Feria. You will find everything from Parades dedicated to salsa music, concerts, shows and most importantly a ton of social dancing. 


The official organizers of Cali Feria, put together this video just to give you a sneak peek of what Colombian sabor looks like. Take a look! 


from Mindblowing dancers to mesmerizing musicians


Cali Fair 2018 is the 61st edition of this festival.


Parades, parties,concerts, tradition and everything in between.


You will live the true Salsa experience.



This Retreat is ideal for people who want to come down to Colombia and experience Salsa Dance in Cali to its fullest. We have designed it mostly for those of you who are just getting started. Cali Fair is all about local celebrations and as such Social Dancing will be the star of the show. But hey, if you’re already a pro, fear not! There’s a place for you too. All levels are Welcome!

Take a look at what a day learning with us would look like:

8 am Wake up in your comfy accommodation in Cali and have some delicious exotic fruits for breakfast.

10 am Have your first class with Sergio, Colombian champion salsa dancer focusing on the rhythm and playfulness of Salsa Cali Style.

1 pm Grab a delicious lunch at our selected restaurant for the day (Veggie options available) Then take a walk around San Antonio. Enjoy the local markets filled with local food and Street Salsa Dancing.

2 pm Your second salsa class of the day, this time with Marcela, another champion salsa dancer this time focusing on basic salsa turns for social dancing

4 pm Meet up with the Salsa Classes Colombia crew for the Salsódromo!. It will begin at 6 pm, but it’s better to get there early to get a good spot.

10 pm Head down to Topa Tolondra, a famous salsa bar in Cali, to practice all the salsa dancing skills you learned during the day.


We have thoughtfully selected our housing locations so you can enjoy all the activities in Cali Feria program. Regardless of what you go for, you’ll be close to the studio, bars, restaurants, cafés and all the tasty Salsa Dance action.

Dorms: We have hand-picked nice and comfy hostels in the trendy San Antonio and El Peñón areas. This is a good option if you’re traveling solo as it makes socializing a lot easier.

Private Rooms: A private room in one of our partner hostels will be the best option for you if you’d like something a bit more quiet and private. 

Apartment: for those of you who prefer to have your own space, or simply If you’re coming with your romantic partner or a big group, an apartment is definitely the way to go!

Your own place: Also, you are not obliged to go with our accommodation. Maybe you already have friends in Cali or you just prefer to handle these things yourself. That’s fine with us! 



Here we give you some options so you can make your retreat as enjoyable as possible, please bear in mind that the more you add to it the bigger the price.

Music tour: We will take you to Cali’s famous Salsa Museum and Jairo Varela Square. Then, You’ll meet the musicians of  Orquesta Calibre or Barrio Latino for an amazing Salsa Class. They will teach you how to dance following the rhythm of the music. They will also explain the instruments and musicality of Salsa.

Cali tour: We will take you to several mandatory places to visit when you’re in town such as  “Las Tres Cruces” or The Three Crosses, the Alameda, a gigantic food market where you’ll get to taste our traditional food. (veggie folks, don’t panic. We also thought of you!). At last, we’ll pay a visit to the Gold Museum in Cali’s Historical Center. 

Airport pickup: Alfonso Bonilla International Airport is located in the outskirts of Cali about 30-40 min from the city center. It can be a bit tricky to navigate traffic in a new country especially if you’ve just arrived, you’re tired and with a some huge luggage… Don’t worry, we’ll patiently wait for you at the airport and take you to your selected accommodation.

Extended Retreat: Well, initially our Cali Fair Retreat is a one-week immersive experience, but if you decide to stay longer you can absolutely do so! You can either extend you amount of days, buy more class hours, and so on. We are highly open to customization, so if there’s anything you require just ask! Of course, it will make the price a bit chubbier.


By providing you with a guide,  we will make sure you explore Cali with someone knowledgeable and helpful. She will be able to answer all questions you might have about Cali, the Fair, Salsa and Colombia in general. She will take care of picking you up, taking you to your accommodation, giving you useful tips and taking you to the main events scheduled in the Cali Feria official program.

You’ll visit The Salsódromo on Dec 25th, a massive Salsa Dance Parade with the best local professional dancers and great salsa orchestras. The carnival of old Cali on Dec 28th, which is all about celebrating Cali’s traditions and esteemed characters. And The Street Fair on Dec 30th, which brings the best of Cali’s Salsa scene to the streets. 

Our guide will deal with reservations, tickets, concerts, nights out at the most iconic salsa bars like Tintindeo, Malamaña, Topa Tolondra, Rincón de Heberth, etc. She will also organize some city tours to show you everything there’s to see in Cali. Besides this, she’ll take you to Cali Feria’s verbenas populares, aka, barrio parties you can attend to dance with the locals!

To top it all up, our tireless guide will plan out a special night out for the Salsa Classes Colombia crew at either Delirio or Mulato Cabaret, two of the trendiest salsa venues in Cali. There you’ll get to see a top-class Salsa show. Isn’t she just amazing? We bet you’ll love her once you meet her! 



Cali is all about Salsa, so much so that we have developed our own Salsa Style with some crazy footwork. But don’t worry, the locals a very chill and patient, that’s for sure! Our lessons during this Retreat will emphasize Salsa Cali Style. We have decided to do this for a couple of reasons, first of, Salsa Caleña is a fantastic spin off to other popular salsa styles, the footwork and joy of it is hypnotizing. Second, when in Cali, dancing salsa Cali-Style is a must, you’ll need to know it! 

Remember all levels are welcome! It doesn’t matter if you are a definite pro or if you have no idea where your feet should go. Our teachers are patient and highly qualified.  They are professional dancers who specialize in Cali style and will adapt their lesson to your skills, needs, and goals. They will focus on footwork, rhythm and cultural elements of Cali’s Salsa.


You simply cannot miss it!

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You will arrive in Cali on the 22nd of December, a few days before Cali Fair Starts. You will have 10 hours of classes to introduce you to our wild Cali Style footwork. These classes aim for you to get ready for all the social dancing that will be going on everywhere in Cali. We have carefully selected several Cali Fair events for you to attend to. You’ll be going to Salsódromo, Carnival of Old Cali, Street Fair, and Verbenas Populares, so you better be prepared! A Salsa Intensive Retreat includes the accommodation of your choice, local guide and access to previously selected events. Cultural tours are not included in this one.

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You will arrive in Cali on the 22th of December, a couple of days before all the salsa action begins. You will have 2 hours worth of private salsa classes. In these classes we will focus on Salsa Cali Style. The overall focus of this retreat is to show you Cali in depth! We will take you to all the main events of Cali Fair: Salsódromo, Carnival of Old Cali, Street Fair; as well as on several cultural tours, aka, music tour and Cali tour. We’ll also take you on nights out social dancing at the verbenas populares. Your discover Cali Retreat will include your chosen accommodation, a local guide and of course a lot of social dancing at the best salsa bars in Cali.

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