We connect you with a Latin dance instructor in a matter of minutes. Text us via Messenger or Whatsapp, let us know your objectives and we’ll find a teacher next to you. Or join our intensive bootcamps and dance retreats in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico!

About Us

We are a community of independent dance teachers that helps visitors connect with skillful, highly qualified dance instructors. We are present in Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, and México and we are working hard to expand to new places!


Our Instructors are generally dance professionals who work fulltime for dance companies. They also teach on the side to financially support their careers. The majority of them have been awarded national or international prizes.

Our Community wants to connect with visitors and help them enjoy salsa the way we do! This idea was so nicely welcomed by everyone that we had no option but to expand to other big cities in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

Our Students are salsa lovers from abroad who come to Latin America to improve their dancefloor skills with highly professional instructors. We teach everyone from very beginner to advanced levels. You are more than welcome to join us!

What we’re all about

In this short video, our teacher Lucia introduces you to the spirit and drive of our community. If you’d like classes with her or  any other of our fabulous instructors just shoot us a text on Facebook.


Instructors available for all levels, from beginner to professional.


We have studios in Colombia, México, Perú and Ecuador


Teachers are ready to dance from Monday to Monday!


The only community that connects teachers and students alike!



Encouraging students to learn in a piecemeal fashion through group classes is inefficient at best. Over ⅓ of people who start in level one drop out by level two. And those that finally do reach a higher level class, don’t necessarily feel dance as a language they fluently speak. And that’s after a couple years of dancing already!

We truly believe that immersing yourself in a context of a holiday where dance is cultural paramount will help you boost your skills and make you learn much faster, and what better way to do so than by traveling? That’s why we created our intensive Bootcamps and Dance Retreats!

With a Bootcamp, you can choose the city of your preference and have private classes with a professional dancer every day of the week for as long as you wish to. If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, a dance retreat will be great for you! You can enjoy a big festival and learn how to dance in the process! A lot more details here

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We are a platform that connects you with local professional dancers. This has numerous advantages compared to attending a dance school.

Easy process. Just message us on Facebook and answer a couple of questions in our bot. We’ll match you with the best instructor available and then we’ll contact you directly to arrange the first class.

Personalized service. We carefully select the most suitable teachers based on your profile, needs, and goals. We consider your dance level, class focus, etc. You name it, we get it done.

Experienced teachers. Our community is made up of the cream of the crop. Teachers go through a rigorous selection process to meet the highest standards of teaching training, skill level, vibrant personality, and professionalism.

Money Saver. Since we work on our own, you get to save all the administrative costs of running a dance school, like paying rent, utilities and the like. You get great classes for less money!

Support local dancers. It’s a shame, but most of the time, dance schools only pay teachers about half of what we do, sometimes even less. Book classes with us and support your local salseros!

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Q: What can I dance?

A: We specialize in Salsa, but we also offer classes in many other styles bachata (sensual or Dominican), Kizomba, Porro etc. The Facebook menu will ask you about your dance preferences –  You can also mix styles up within a pack

Q: How does payment work?

A: There are three payments: an online deposit via credit card, a second payment in cash to the instructor (after the test class), and a third cash payment to the instructor once you reach half of your pack.

Q: What’s my instructor’s experience?

A:We have from semi-professional dancers, who are just beginning with teaching, all the way up to actual master teachers who have won international awards and even teach to other instructors. See this YouTube video for more, and this YouTube video to see some dancing.


Q: Are you beginner friendly?

A:Yes we are! We know dancing can be a little bit intimidating at times, but don’t worry. Our instructors are highly trained professional dancers who have vast experience in working with beginners. They will adapt the lesson to your skill level, needs, and goals.

Q: How much is it?

A: Prices might vary since you can customize your pack quite a lot. We will give you a price based on your preferences regarding the instructor’s level, amount of hours and class location (home or studio). See thisYouTube video for more info!

Q: Do I get a test class?

A: The first class of your pack will be your test class. If you don’t get the perfect vibe, you can change your current instructor, or get a refund of your online deposit minus the value of the first class.

Q: Do you offer group classes?

A: We do! We organize group classes when at least 3 people coincide in the same date, time, place & dance style. Our system keeps track of your preferences and automatically notifies students if there’s a match.  See this YouTube video for more information!


Q: Can I take classes in multiple countries?

A: Of course! We are present in 4 Latin American Countries. So, if you’re planning to travel around and want to take classes just let us know. We can set everything up for you. You can also learn different dance styles in every country you visit if you want to.


Still unconvinced?

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